About Nava Tehila

Nava Tehila

Nava Tehila is a Jerusalem based NGO for Jewish renewal. One of our main foci is creating musical and engaging prayer spaces where people feel comfortable to come as they are.

Nava Tehila’s musical spiritual leaders generate new prayer modalities, compose new music for prayer, and train Jewish leaders, including rabbis, cantors and students, in the art of musical and innovative prayer leading. 
The Nava Tehila leaders travel to Reform, Conservative and other communities in Israel, the US and Europe to share the ideas that have proven so successful in drawing in not only nonaffiliated Jews, but also speaking to long term members of these communities.
We have produced two albums of music for Shabbat and High Holidays prayers, and run a resource website that offers prayer leaders free access to sheet music and recordings of our new material.

Our  prayers are egalitarian and inclusive. We welcome people of other religions and "spiritual, but not religious" people who want to pray and sing with us. Our prayer is experiential because we are constantly seeking ways of connection to the Living God in each and every moment. 

We  meet for Kabbalat Shabbat once a month in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Baka'a, As well as for the Holidays. 

Under the umbrella of our organization we offer Beit Midrash programs: classes and workshops in Jewish spirituality, meditation, Kabbalah and Chasidut.

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