High Holidays


Yom Kippur

 Yom Kippur 2022: Kol Nidrei,  Yizkor and Neila
Nature Museum's courtyard, entry from 6 Hamagid st. 

6:10- 9:00 pm Kol Nidrei and Ma'ariv
Our own blend of traditional nusach, original music (no instruments) and chanting, Hebrew Poetry and forgiveness processes. Tefila is lead in Hebrew and all are welcome.
Kol Nidrei at 6:10 - 9:00 pm 

4:30 pm Yonah and Yizkor

5-7:00 pm Neilah

We will join our hearts and might to knock on Heaven's door for Neila.

7:00 pm Shofar and Break-Fast

After a joint Havdala service, we'll break the fast together. Please bring some drinks, fruits, cakes, etc…

Prayer Books
We will have a Hebrew Machzor including the chants we will do.  If you wish to have the full version of the prayers with English translation or transliteration - please bring your own Machzor (Holidays' prayer book). No previous prayer knowledge is necessary.
Admission is free and we need your donations. Please join as members or donate!
Volunteers are needed to organize the tent on Erev Yom Kippur,  Please call Or: 054-562-1174 or email us.
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