High Holidays


Simchat Torah

  Simchat Tora  - Opening the Scroll
Monday, Oct. 17, 8:30am-2:00 pm
Nature Museum 6 Hamagid, Jerusalem


Face to Face
A festive Torah reading for Simchat Torah, Kabbalistic Hakafot, the Prayer for Rain and Yizkor. From Bereshit to Devarim, from here to there and from heart to heart. Bring food for Kiddush.

8:30 Hakafot with our musicians 
10:45 Kiddush! please bring food and DRINKS to share (bring a hat as well)

~ 11am Group Aliyot for all and a special children aliyah
~ 12 pm Rolling the Book Open
              Torah–Tarot a-la Reb Zalman – what is the verse that will lead your way this year?
Please bring with Talitot or thin scarves (like silk) to hold the Torah with (we don't touch the scroll with bare hands)

1:15 (approx)Yizkor and The Prayer for Rain

Optional Musaf
Attention!   If you wish to davven Shacharit and Halel please do so before.
Admission is free and we rely on your donations! Pls  join as members or donate!
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