High Holidays


First S'lichot

First S'lichot - Piyuttim, Chanting, and Deep T'shuva Processes 
Saturday Night 21/9, 10pm - 12 am at the Kagan's house, 8 Gidon st, Jerusalem

We will gather for first S'lichot on Saturday Night before Rosh Hashanah according to Ashkenazi custom (S'faradi Jews start on Rosh Chodesh  Elul).
S'lichot are a cycle of prayers that rotate btween chanting piyuttim to awaken our hearts and chnating the thirteen Divine attributes that open the gates of mercy. We use our own blend of  Ashkenazi and S'faradi piyuttim, our own chants and internal processes.

Please come at  10pm so you can pay membership dues. We accept Credit card, checks or cash. Please  join as members or donate as a Friend of Nava Tehila  so we can cover our costs.
Click on the player to listen to our High Holiday melodies 

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