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Nava Tehila's groundbreaking work towards pluralism in Israel happens with music, song, and the ecstatic celebration of prayer and Psalms. Nava Tehila encourages inspiration, elation, praise and deep inner reflection, while holding a place of global awareness for the importance of prayer and Divine connection everywhere. 

Nava Tehila brings new dedication, vitality and creativity to Hebrew poetry of Psalms with intoxicating new melodies that elevate the most evocative phrases from the Psalms. They invite all of us together to join them in creating a chorus of praise!  Join Nava Tehila for this remarkable adventure into the landscape of the Psalms.

Rabbi Marcia Prager, Pnai Or,  Philadelphia,

"One of the new scenes in Jerusalem on Shabbat is the "emerging prayer and study" community known as Nava Tehila, led by Rabbi Ruth Gan Kagan. Musical, meditative, and totally open to varieties of Jewish spiritual expression in real time, Nava Tehila is a bit like an alternative universe here--musicians create an ambient feel, rooted in Middle Eastern and Indian spiritual mantras as well as their own contemporary Israeli musical tastes."

Rabbi Andy Bachman, KBE, Brooklyn in his blog "Water Over Rock"                        read the full post
"Nava Tehila brought warmth and a deep spiritual experience to my Congregation last Shabbat. Their music is no less than brilliant and their voices captivating, yet they drew in our crowd to a magic journey and totally involved everyone. Saturday night Daphna and Navot similarly engaged our Confirmation young people giving them the Havdalah experience of a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents and blessings with us. We can't wait to have you back!"

Cantor Lisa L. Levin, Temple Shalom, Chevy Chase, MD

"West coast MOT alert: the most interesting thing happening today in Jewish worship music - Nava Tehila - is touring California this month, all the way from their home base in Jerusalem. If you are anywhere nearby, you MUST get out and sing, chant and daven with them. I've played their music in shul, and played WITH them in a shul workshop, and it moved my own work forward on every level.""

J.D. Kleinke, Washington DC
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