Kabbalat Shabbat Music 


Niggunim into Holiness

We open each of our Kabbalot Shabbat with a wordless niggun, in order to consciously celebrate the move between chol and kodesh, between the work days and the holiness of Shabbat. Oue prayer leaders and musicians meet for an hour before the rest of the community in order to attune ourselves and to sanctify the space. We sing and praise to create an open and warm atmosphere in our own selves and around us. When we open the doors we will already be in the middle of this openning chant so all who arrive go through a mikve of sound. They are thousand of niggunim you can choose from- here are a few that we wrote.
Chords for Download
Niggun Cheshvan
Niggun Kislev - Kosi Revaya
Niggun Tevet
Niggun Shvat
Niggun Adar - Ish Yehudi
Niggun Nissan
Niggun Iyar
Niggun Sivan
Niggun Tamuz
Niggun Av - Hashiveinu
Niggun Elul Ani L'dodi
Niggun Himalaya
Niggun Shabbat
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