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  Nava Tehila is a Jerusalem-based ensemble that plays original and traditional Jewish music that energizes and excites its audiences. The ensemble grew out of the shared experience of leading musical prayers in the Nava Tehila community in Jerusalem. Over the past several years we have performed in Israel and throughout the world, in concerts, festivals, conferences and private events.
We specialize in adapting our performance to you and your specific needs and interests. You may invite one of us or the whole ensemble as well as dding extra musicians with whom we collaborate:  percussion, violin, flute, cello, ud and nai.

Bookings: Daphna Rosenberg 054-6638891 or by email

Daphna Rosenberg – Vocals and Guitar
After travelling the world for many years as a wandering troubadour, Daphna returned to Israel and reconnected to her Jewish roots through music. Daphna composes music to prayers and Israeli poetry, and is a main prayer leader in the Nava Tehila Jewish Renewal community in Jerusalem. Daphna has specialized in musically leading Circle of Life ceremonies – such as births, Bar/Bat mitzvas and weddings. In her music one can hear the influence of folk and rock with a touch of Klezmer. Daphna is active in the area of spiritual care for the ill, in creating heart-to-heart connections between people and in dialogue circles between Israelis and Palestinians. Her compositions to prayers have become popular in communities throughout the world.
  Yoel Sykes – Vocals and Guitar
Yoel studied flamenco guitar at the Center for Eastern Music in Jerusalem, and at the Carmen de las Cuevas School in Granada. He is a prayer leader at  Nava Tehila community.  He has composed tens of melodies to prayers, ranging from simple chants to complex musical pieces.  Some of these can be heard on the Nava Tehila album Dancing in the Glory, and on the second album that is currently in production. Yoel's music shows the influence of rock and blues, reggae and flamenco, Arabic, Moroccan  and African music. He is a master of improvisation and an extraordinary vocal soloist, as well as a talented leader of spiritual prayer circles.


  Ruth Gan Kagan – Vocals and Facilitation
Ruth is a rabbi and a teacher of Chasidut and Kabbaala. She is the spiritual leader of Nava Tehila community and the creator of the musical-spiritual style that has become identified with the ensemble. In the context of the  Ensemble Ruth facilitates the performances, Kabbalot Shabbat, and chant circles, in which she weaves magical journeys of meaning for the participants. At ceremonies and weddings the ensemble includes the musicians only and Ruth joins them only for events in which she lfacilitales the ceremony.
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