Music 4 Prayer


Music 4 Prayer

Nava Tehila is a fertile ground for the emergence of new and exciting prayer music. During our six years of existence we have written dozens of new compositions for prayers, and especially for Kabalat Shabbat – our musical flagship. In our reservoir of compositions we offer you all those tunes that passed the test of our community and have taken root over time as part of the Nava Tehila repertoire.

In this resource center you can listen and download home-made and professional recordings of our songs, watch clips and download notes and chords. In the near future we plan to upload articles and tips about musical prayers, as well as explanations and examples of leading prayers with "intentions" – facilitation with words woven around a topic or a direction (what we call a journey) as a way to create meaningful and relevant prayer for different audiences.

We invite you to a meaningful journey into the world of prayer. We hope that our compositions and our ideas will inspire you to create a meaningful experience in your communities. We will be delighted for your feedback or questions at the bottom of the page or by mail.

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FREE sheet music and chord sheets for our songs are found here

Articles, Song of Songs and other chants will be added  soon.

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