Guidelines for Potluck


Potluck instructions for Communal Meals

v      We are all hosts of this meal!! Pamper us with delicious food, interesting deserts and large quantities!! For each participants plan a dish that is enough for six.The soul dances with joy when there is an abundance of food :)
v       Food needs to be Kosher and vegetarian -Kosher fish O.K
v       If you have a kosher kitchen please cook something. If not – please buy in a kosher store (or cook at a friend's house- some of us did it - it was a lovely experience)
v       Bring a salad OR a main dish OR dessert
v      Please bring serving utensils for your dish.  
v      If you bring drinks -  bring a few bottles - throw in a bottle of wine too…
v      If you invite friends, make sure they (or you) are bringing extra food



Shabbat Shalom

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