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Kabbalot Shabbat & Tourist Groups

  Bring Nava Tehila vivacious spirit to your group for a concert or Kabbalat Shabbat, 

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  Concerts and Festivals

Nava Tehila Ensemble have been performing in Israel and around Europe and the US bringing their delightful music to audiences of all ages. They offer an innovative musical interpretation to ancient texts that brings their essence to life and creates a meaningful experiences for the audience. For big concerts you can request a richer production incorporating other musicians playing a myriad of instruments including flute and nay, oud, cello and violin and extra percussions.
Performing for Groups in Israel and Abroad
Are you bringing a group for a visit to Israel? Are you looking for a meaningful musical evening for your synagogue or church? Nava Tehila will tailor a performance to match your needs and requests. We  offer a prayer/chant evening where all are invited to sing together or an exuisite performance of our rich harmonies. Some sample programs:
     Journey to the Heart of Psalms
     Every Day is Shabbos
     A Musical Journey through the Holy Land
     Into My Garden - the Magic of the Song of Songs
Leading Prayers in Jewish Settings

Rabbi Ruth and the group are available to lead musical prayers: Kabbalat Shabbat, morning Shabbat service, Havdala etc. for your visiting group or seminar. We often go on American and European tours and will be happy to visit your community as guests artists (can be combined with teaching by rabbi ruth). We aslo specilize in trainning synaguges and emergant communities in the art of musical prayers.
 Jerusalem Open Air Kabbalat Shabbat  


Ceremonies and Private Events

For information about playing at weeding ceremonies, Bar and bat Mitzva, aniversaries and birthday celebrations and more click here
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