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Weddings and Bar Mitzvas

Music for Your Event - Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzva and More

Bookings: Daphna Rosenberg 054-6638891 or by email
  Bar and Bat Mitzva Musical Prayers 

We specialize in providing music for your Bar/Bat Mitzva service, whether it is a big gathering  or an intimate family group.
1. If you bring your own rabbi to lead the service, we will be in touch with your rabbi and you to add the music accompaniment.
2. If you don't have a rabbi we can bring one of the excellent rabbis we work with to create a service according to your needs and wishes
3. We can also provide music for your festive meal and get your guests dancing!
Leading Bat Mitzva Prayers   

  Wedding Reception and Chuppah

Bring our special spirit to your most important event. We specialize in bringing our touch to your reception, or playing by the bride's chair or the groom tisch. We  provide musical accompaniment to the Chuppah, both gentle and uplifting.  
Walking the bride  

 Birthdays, Aniversarries and Special Events

We will be happy to team with you and bring special music to your gathering. W love to be there for birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and any event you may think of. To your left there is a clip from a memorial service for Brian Blum's  father. We worked together with Brian to build this evening remembering a person that loved music. 

For Kabbalot Shabbat, tourist groups, concerts and festivals

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